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Posted By: Little Hawk
24-Jan-03 - 02:21 PM
Thread Name: BS: Tyranny?
Subject: RE: BS: Tyranny?
Actually, spArrownoid, "World Government" is an inevitable stage of any intelligent race of beings on any one planet, given enough time, and that is not necessarily a bad thing...although it COULD be a very bad thing, depending entirely on the nature and the intentions of that world government, and how it is set up, and how it is maintained and who leads it.

Here's the normal progression of any intelligent species on a planet:

Families > extended family groups > tribes > tribal confederacies > cities > city-states > nation-states > conquering empires > alliances of free nations > cooperative federations of those alliances > a peaceful world federation of all nations, allowing trade, cultural exchange, travel, and mutual freedom to be exactly who you wish to be.

1. primitive stage ("caveman", hunter-gatherer)...people live in small family or tribal groups not too different from a band of gorillas or chimpanzees, and survive off the fruits of nature.

2. organized tribal stage: people form small local tribes and live either by hunting and gathering, or by simple agriculture, or by both. There's still plenty of land available, so tribal warfare may happen, but is probably fairly limited and not too destructive.

3. bigger tribes form: Things are getting more competitive now, and you will probably see the rise of fairly complex religious and political structures within tribes, as well as more organized forms of war. On the positive side, there will also be some trading between different tribes and there will be the developement of some new skills in manufacturing various items and improving agriculture.

4. city-states: The need for increased security, and the growing population will result in the formation of permanent centers which will become walled cities. This is good for the development of culture in all its complexity, bad in the sense that people get crowded together in a congested and increasingly unhealthy manner. The safest place to live (in case of attack) will be behind the city walls.

5. nation-states: Cities will govern large surrounding areas, and join with or conquer other cities, forming multi-city states supported by rural agriculture. Trade will flourish, as will ever larger and more destructive wars between the nation-states.

6. great empires: The most highly organized and militarily elite nation-states will conquer most of their near neighbours, forming great empires which jockey for power across whole continents (Egypt, Assyria, Persia, Greece, Rome, the Czars of Russia, the British Empire, Austria-Hungary, etc...) Those great empires will fight terrible wars, resulting in the deaths of millions.

7. movements of social enlightenment - Now much of the forgoing has been about raw power...the ability to conquer and dominate...based on a few very powerful people at the top manipulating masses of warriors, workers, and slaves...BUT...sooner or later as an intelligent race develops its philosophers and theologians will propose radical ideas, such as: EQUALITY, BROTHERHOOD, SHARE AND SHARE ALIKE, DEMOCRACY, etc... Those ideas will come forth at various times throughout the stages mentioned above, and they will become more and more widely understood and accepted as humanity advances and the lot of the common man improves...

8. And that will lead to the possibility of: the establishment of genuine human rights as a norm in society...the idea that everyone everywhere has the same right to a decent start in life, to freedom of speech, thought, and action, to equality before the law, to education, etc....

9. And that will lead to worldwide movements to secure those rights. One of those movements was launched in 1776 by American revolutionaries, and it profoundly affected Europe, and indirectly the whole world. Another such movement was launched in France shortly after, but it partially foundered on its own internal corruption and brutality, another such movement began in Russia in the late 1800's, culminated in the Communist revolution, and foundered on ITS own internal corruption (eventually), another such movement arose in Cuba and succeeded in 1959 but has been partially hamstrung ever since by being surrounded and half-starved by a hostile superpower. Another such movement made an attempt (a feeble one) to form the League of Nations after World War One. Another such movement made an attempt to form the United Nations (which has become merely a tool of very powerful multinational forces which are subverting it from within).

So, the problem isn't whether or not one shall have a world government. A world government is desirable providing it is a government in FAVOUR of human rights and equality and democracy.

Good governments protect and assist all the people while allowing them a maximum of freedom.

Bad governments protect a small elite at the top and actively harm the rest of the people, while practicing a maximum of control over the population and allowing them a minimum of freedom.

World government is inevitable, given any intelligent race of beings on one world, BUT...will it be an enlightened government based on freedom and equality of opportunity for all people? Or will it be an oppressive oligarchy of a few wealthy despots over a population of serfs?

That's the question to concern yourself with.

The US Constition and the individual nation-state (American or otherwise) are NOT the final word in the development of genuine democracy on this or any other planet. In fact, they are still at a somewhat primitive stage of human development...but showing good possibilities for further progress.

- LH