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Posted By: The Shambles
25-Jan-03 - 06:26 AM
Thread Name: PELs Government v MU & lawyers
Subject: RE: PELs Government v MU & lawyers
Thank you for your support SRS. Perhaps you could spread the word?

Not having a licence, under current legislation or under Bill only means you do not have a licence.

By having these penalties, it makes enforcing the licence easier, although with the 'two in a bar' exemption and the PEL being necessary for any late night liquor licence extensions this has only resulted in a 5% PEL take-up figure. Hence the sham pretence of a combined premises licence where the increased fee must be paid.

But the mere threat of these penalties is responsible for stopping many sessions and preventing many more from starting, with absoultly no case-law legal support, as the DCMS own document clearly shows.

But it is an injustice that mearly not having a valid entertainment licence can subject you to the serious charge and penalties for placing the public at risk.

The HRA makes it clear that Aticle 10 the public's right to freedom of expression can only be prevented on certain conditions, one of these being public safety.

But do three people singing make a pub unsafe now, and will one person singing, or heaven forbid, an unlocked pianio make the pub unsafe and subjet to these penalties? The Government are saying that they do......The worrying thing is that they are even receiving some credibilty for this claim, in the form of support for this 'Silly Bill'. Even from people who have directly suffered from the current injustice!!!

Strange but true. It would appear that if you tell some people a measure is a bad one, they almost go out of their way to find reasons why it may not really be all that bad. But the point is this 'Silly Bill' is claimed to be a deregulatory improvement.

In some cases in the Lords, it was even defended of the grounds that certain aspects causing concern under the Bill, were the same as now so it was OK not to address them in this so-called Licensing 'reform' Bill.

The 'Silly Bill' indeed.