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Posted By: catspaw49
17-Jun-99 - 03:50 PM
Thread Name: Paw, Cletus, Buford, & the Reg boys
Subject: Paw, Cletus, Buford, & the Reg boys
Along with lots of well wishing messages during my hospital stays for which I'm very grateful, a lot of newer 'Catters asked what and or who was this Cletus and Paw business. SO......for those of you who asked or if you just want to review (God knows why) the sordid tale, here it is as yet another space waster.

It all started when I was chiding Joe Offer a bit (a favorite pastime) and suggested this off the beaten path website for his perusal. I got to thinking about it myself along with the signs at the local bars and my warped mind focused in on some good ol' boys I've known and the incongruity of the whole thing......and Paw, Cletus, and Buford ambled in to the scene.

That episode got Paw and Cletus to thinking this might be a good way to acquire some additional things and build a small fortune, so they got to work right away. Things didn't go as well as they expected, so they turned their attention to doing a freebie to get some free advertising. Unfortunately, this too didn't work out and Brother Fielding was so worried, he almost sicced his half brothers, Reg, Reg, and Reg on them.

About this time, we had been discussing tiples (why...again I have no idea) and the fact that Martin built tons, but nobody ever sees one. Thanks to some brilliant sleuthing by Katlaughing, it was discovered that they were being shipped under the cover of nuclear waste to Montana...also the home of the Neil Young Center for the Terminally Screwed. At this point, it all fell together and made perfect sense!

Oddly, it was just about here that Cletus saw the "Hamsterdance" website and spent 3 days staring at it. Paw and I called 911 and the next thing we knew, Cletus had been committed to the Neil Young Center. I can't help but get a bit attached to these fellas and Paw was disconsolate. Although he is generally distrustful of "furriners," he was cheered when the Reg boys showed up and off they went to rescue Cletus.

Well, other things have happened since, including a few bizarre visits with me at the hospital, but that's the basics. We're trying to get the condom factory repaired so the gang can get back to work and I'll fill you in with the next chapter: "The Return of Buford" or "That Beer's a Lifesaver." Coming soon to a thread near you.