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25-Jan-03 - 12:07 PM
Thread Name: BS: Tyranny?
Subject: RE: BS: Tyranny?
As for the U.S. never forfeiting it's sovereignty, watch GWBush. Everything he does internationally empowers the U.N. Sure, he said we were about to descend on Iraq, but then he pulled back and let the U.N. 'inspectors' go in. That just legitimizes the murderous U.N. And it's all planned that way. Reagan pulled us out of UNESCO because it was a 'commie outfit' according to him, but Bush signed us back debate and hardly any media mention. But if you look at the UNESCO charter and it's other statements, it provides penalties for those member countries that don't follow it's educational curricula. Actual economic penalties if a country doesn't teach that forced population reduction, etc., is good. And GWBush signed us on to that once again. He is giving away American sovereignty, just like his daddy and Clinton did.

The primary way the globalists are destroying sovereignty is through 'trade agreements'. NAFTA, GATT, etc. The globalists know the people around the world won't vote to give their jobs to other countries, so politicians are circumventing the democratic process and pushing trade agreements. No voting required. Polls show 70% of Europeans are against the European Union, but that doesn't stop the EU from moving forward. Americans are against NAFTA, but that didn't stop Reagan, Clingon and both Bushes from ramming it down our throats.

What steams me most is how the Bushes have created a chaotic world through their armaments selling. There used to be 7 nuclear powers, and Mutually Assured Destruction made some kind of terrible sense. But then the Bush family and the Baker family and others began selling nukes to North Korea and Iran and lots of others, so now there are 50+ nuclear powers, and a Bush is leading us to the brink of WW3. OF COURSE people are going to fill their pants when India and Pakistan or a couple of other countries exchange nukes. Then we'll turn to the pigs who CREATED THE SITUATION and beg to be rescued. The solution? government on the TERRORISTS terms.