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25-Jan-03 - 02:04 PM
Thread Name: Irish Music and Religion
Subject: RE: Irish Music and Religion
Uh Joe. Did you know that the island now known as Ireland, once was a monoglot country that spoke a language that was neither English or Latin?

The language is commonly known as Gaelic. Back in the day, when Gaelic speakers went to mass, it was actually conducted in Gaelic. Seems silly, I know, but there you have it.

Oh--there is this other thing about Irish traditional music too. It is called singing. There is this funny little language no one understands that a lot of the old people who are greatly revered (in public, often derided in private for being culchies) by the Irish traditional musicians of today. No one is really sure what it is, but many are certain whatever language they are singing in, that it can't be authentically Irish, because it would have to be English or Latin to be authentically Irish.

Oh, I don't know where people got the idea that Irish people were Catholic. That isn't authentic either. Irish people are pagan or Protestant. There are a few Catholics with tails running around, blowing everyone up, but we've denounced their like for many a century now.