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Posted By: Mark Clark
26-Jan-03 - 11:29 PM
Thread Name: to get started
Subject: RE: to get started
Oh, man! This is so great. I just found this thread and am very excited to try GUEST's suggested techniques. I mastered the Tarzan yell some fifty years back and, though I haven't used it since, the skill did allow me to yodel enough to get through a Jimmie Rodgers or Bill Monroe yodel at need. Still, I've always admired cowboy yodeling but never ran into anyone who even wanted to discuss yodeling, let alone do it.

Nearly all of my yodeling practice has been in the car although some of it has been in the shower. I have had no technique to draw upon, just work till it comes, but there is one thing that seems to work for me. When “clicking” into the falsetto, I found it helpful to simultaneously and suddenly reduce the force used to make the falsetto note. This seemed to improve intonation and smooth out the volume level across the shift. Or maybe I only imagine that it does.

Anyway, thanks GUEST, et. al.

      - Mark