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Posted By: Rick Fielding
17-Jun-99 - 11:19 PM
Thread Name: Paw, Cletus, Buford, & the Reg boys
Subject: RE: Paw, Cletus, Buford, & the Reg boys
Lard tunderin' jeezus boy! I'm rightin' this cuz my bruthers Reg and Reg are near to illitrate, cuz they done more huntin fishin and car swappin than skool goin'. Now we figgered that Catspaw guy was ok eh? We figured he probly looked a bit like Grizzly Adams (our hero) and now we sees he looks more like that John Denver guy without a haircut. He's got him a nice lookin' family but I'll bet that karen wishes she'd hitched up with Cletus or Buford (or Cletus AND Buford) cuz they sound like big hairy checkered shirt wearin' trailer-studs like us! Now you caint do nuthin' bout your relations it's true and anyone lookin' at that Fielding wimp wood never think we was related. Why that lard ass never dun a lick a work in his life, ceptin' all that geetar playin', an just between us he sounds more like that bald Taylor guy than Hank Snow.We all gotta say tho' we like that possum blowin. Course up in the Canajun north woods we don't use no pottery possums. Nope, only the real things. They only last fer a couple songs tho then we gotta scare up a new one.

Reg. eh?