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Posted By: diesel
27-Jan-03 - 03:42 PM
Thread Name: BS: I bet JC had a sense of humour
Subject: RE: BS: I bet JC had a sense of humour
With his last few breaths Jesus manages to call to Judas

"Judas, come to me"

"Yes Lord" cries Judas and gets a ladder to hear Jesus better.

"What is it, Lord, what do you want of me?" Judas asks from atop the ladder.

"Judas, come to me" Whispers Christ

"What is it? What is it, Lord?" Asks Judas

"Judas" Jesus says in the lowest of voices.

"Yes, Lord, yes. What is it?"As judas leaned his head to his Lords.

SMACK ! with a banging of Jesus' head on Judas' he floors Judas "that's for ratting on me ..."