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Posted By: jimlad
27-Jan-03 - 04:17 PM
Thread Name: BS: I bet JC had a sense of humour
Subject: RE: BS: I bet JC had a sense of humour
Sorry if I've managed to offend a few folk's. I think He would have been better served if the 1st century 'God-botherers' had not got into the act for their own purposes.

Remember that from the mid 1st centuries until 2003, Jesus's words and ideas have been used and reused by people with a different agenda than his.

These guys have given us Wars,Persecutions,and Ethnic Cleansings

They have obstructed scientific advances,taught us that Sex is dirty(whilst getting more than their fair share).That only one sexual orientation is acceptable to God and society.Prevented Social Equality by controlling the Media for 19 centuries.If the internet had been available in JC's day the world would be a safer,kinder place than it is now.

I could go on but I won't change some peoples minds so Bye now

One last offering....

Peter met up with Mary at the pre-Christmas Disco,Peter who had an awfull stammer said "Hi I'm P-P Peter ,but I'm no Saint"
Mary who was similarly affected with the same speech impediment said
"Hi,I'm M-M-Mary,but I,m not a V-V-...............................
very good dancer".

Guess that does it for me with my fellow stammerers.