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27-Jan-03 - 04:49 PM
Thread Name: Stevie Ray Vaughan
Subject: RE: Stevie Ray Vaughan
If you go back to the discussion forum page where all the threads are listed, you'll see a box toward the top labelled: Filter. Type in Stevie Ray Vaughan and set the age to All and hit the Go button. There's only been about 4 threads devoted to various aspects relating to SRV - ...sort of sad for a blues site. Try spelling his last name wrong and you might come upon a couple more.

But he's been mentioned a lot in many posts.

The most recent thing I heard about SRV was a personal anecdote from Doyle Bramhall II regarding SRV's preparation for a gig.

Evidently he used the heaviest gauge strings he could find for his Stratocaster, and night after night of aggressive playing would tear the calluses off his fingers. Doyle observed him backstage before a gig cutting pieces of skin off other parts of his body and Super glueing them to the ends of his fingers, just so he could play.

SRV, like B.B. King and Clapton, also had pet names for his guitars. One called "Red" the other "Blondie." hmmm...wonder where he got those names.