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Posted By: Lane
27-Jan-03 - 05:28 PM
Thread Name: to get started
Subject: RE: to get started
Thanks so much. It seems easier to me to jump an octave, rather than hold the same note and break my voice. The octave seems more natural (IF I can hit the note accurately, which I often don't) On the other hand, forcing myself to break it on the same note, as GUEST explains, does, in fact, seem to exercise my voice somehow and I noticed that my "normal" singing improved after some yodeling attempt sessions...

Would like to hear more about how Doc does it (and you). I'm a big admirer of his music - you play with him? Tell me more.

Allan C. - Great quote, thanks! I would never doubt that "real" cowboys never yodeled, but then, real ones were never as romantic as the hollywood image would lead us to belive - in many other ways...... hey, it's become part of a sector of music and I like it, want to learn it, so I'm not real concerned about what a real cowboy might think. :) And I agree with you about Roy Rogers and the Sons... wonderful music, yodels included.   However, it is an interesting point about how the cowboy would humm to his cattle - if he yodeled and it came out anything like the noise I'm making at this point, a stampede would surely result...