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Posted By: Vixen
18-Jun-99 - 08:33 AM
Thread Name: flute playing tips
Subject: RE: flute playing tips
Wow! Am I having fun!!! What a great instrument! Anybody have any tips for keeping the thumbs from hurting??? My first lesson isn't until next Wednesday, but I'm already playing two songs ("Go tell Aunt Rhody," and "Danse De Hercules" [Tempo Geriatico, both!]) and can't wait 'til Wednesday to find out how to spare the bones in my thumbs. I've tried all sorts of positions, and can get some relief for the left thumb if I shift its position from time to time. The right thumb, though...Yow. Right on the bones. The girl (16 yo) I'm borrowing the flute from says it doesn't hurt her thumbs, and according to the pictures I'm looking at, I'm holding it correctly...If it's like getting guitar calluses, that's ok--just let me know and I'll stop whining!

Any ideas???

Madly Flauting,