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Posted By: Rapparee
28-Jan-03 - 12:40 PM
Thread Name: BS: I bet JC had a sense of humour
Subject: RE: BS: I bet JC had a sense of humour
Jesus and Moses were playing golf (my, my, we do anthropomortise, don't we?). They both hit into a water hazard.

Moses walked up, raised his club, the waters parted, and he walked out and shot onto the green.

Jesus said, "That's nothing!" and stepped out onto the water. He promptly sank.

Sputtering, he climbed up on shore and said, "Funny, I used to be able to walk on water."

"Ah," replied Moses, "that was before you had holes in your feet."

We used to tell many of these -- and much, much worse, in the Catholic college and high school I attended. Somewhere I read that a study conducted by the Harvard Theology school found that Protestants tend to be scatological while Catholics tend to be blasphemous. The study theorized that Catholics felt more comfortable with their view of the Almighty.