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Posted By: catspaw49
28-Jan-03 - 07:01 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Folk/Blues Songs: The Titanic Disaster
Subject: RE: Origins: Folk/Blues Songs: The Titanic Disaster was a joke but a really bad joke and I can't resist bad jokes!! But to be serious....or at least on target.......


We had a member around for awhile that worked for Cunard and was checking some records there--"swirlygirl"........Also at the top of that thread is a list of the other various Titanic threads as well with a lot of info on them. We've talked about the subject in a lot of different ways and those threads are a good start on the way to the point of this one.   Worth a read.

I still contend that you can't have a "Titanic Disaster' song until the damn thing sank, but I will agree that perhaps the greatest disaster of all started with her design and the steel and rivets used at H&W!!!