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Posted By: McGrath of Harlow
29-Jan-03 - 11:42 AM
Thread Name: Epithet for English Immigrants in Song?
Subject: Folklore: Epithet for English Immigrants in Song?
According to Brewers Dictionary of Phrase and Fable "Dicky Sam" is a term for a native of Liverpool, or was at one time. That could easily be heard as "Jicky".

I found this on this site Merseytalk:Dicky Sam: earlier term than Scouser for a Liverpudlian, Dicky Sam is understood to be a corruption of Dick O'Sam's derived from the Lancashire form of the patronymic. It refers to someone born and bred in Liverpool, within the sounds of the bells of St, Nicholas,.the waterfront parish church there. There is a record of one Richard Samuels, landlord of an old sailortown pub called the Dicky Sam Inn, which used to be on Mann Island, near the Pier Head.
Source: Shaw ST, SL