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30-Jan-03 - 12:15 AM
Thread Name: Clementine's shoe size?
Subject: RE: Clemantine's shoe size?
Mousethief- Not to the point, but ever heard of the Hudsons Bay Company? They serviced the western Pacific for many years. They shipped salmon from the Vancouver area to Hawaii along with lumber and and other products needed by an isolated port city. They had a post and store in Honolulu for many years (a wooden beaver presiding over the entrance, of course). Even today. soul food in Hawaii includes lomi lomi salmon, introduced during the whaling days. There were even Hudsons Bay employees at the Siberian ports. Hudson Bay farms in the British Columbia area provided produce and meats. All this went up river to Sacramento as well. Herring arrived salted as well, around the Horn, but not in the boxes with ice and boric acid.

Remember that Clementine was not a 49ers song. It came along in 1863. She lived on an eastern river. Her shoes were of Canadian (Digby) pine from eastern Canada. The song went west by the overland route with the pioneers. She didn't get into a miner's family until the 1880s.