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Posted By: Abuwood
03-Feb-03 - 07:52 AM
Thread Name: Folklore: Skipping Rhymes & Playground Games
Subject: RE: Folklore: Skipping Rhymes & Playground Games
My Mum is from Hull and she taught me this rhyme for picking out who was going to be it (like the one potato, 2 potato 3 potato 4, 5 potato 6 potato 7 potato MORE rhyme)

I can say it but I don't know if I can spell it, or do the line breaks on this thing..

I remember ( in the 1950's) hearing the rhymes Chaz wrote 4, 5 & & 10, in the last numberings on his post we definitely did the numner 2 in that list the chinese Grocer skipping rhyme but like this:-

The rhyme then went in to something abot the colour of the underwear but I can't remember what.

For skipping with a big rope accross the street we used to do

repeated constantly next one having to jump in at the start of the rhyme.

Then there was a ball game we used to play which I wonder if it is peculiar to Hull as I have never seen it anywhere else.Played in the centre of the playground, you stand in a group, the person who is 'it' throws the ball high in the air and shouts re- alley- o when it is caught. All the group run away from the centre until they hear the call. The leader is then allowed 3 large paces and must throw the ball to hit one of the group who is then 'it'.

Hope all this helps
Love Alison