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Posted By: gnomad
03-Feb-03 - 11:42 AM
Thread Name: Folklore: Skipping Rhymes & Playground Games
Subject: RE: Folklore: Skipping Rhymes & Playground Games
One seasonal "game" took place after 12 noon on April 1st, known as legging down.

As the name might imply you simply went around tripping people up, behaviour normally punishable in various ways which would (for a few hours anyway, and provided it wasn't TOO vicious) be tolerated by most adults as long as it wasn't them or their own offspring on the floor.

Sometimes great chains of kids arm in arm would sweep across a playground with the chant "Anybody in the road GETS KNOCKED DOWN!", but this wasn't the norm, and would get broken up P.D.Q.

This seems to be peculiar to Hull9, I have questioned natives of the surrounding area, but not found any who remember it outside the City.

My memory of the business is from the late 50's to about '66.

I suppose it gave the more physically inclined kids a chance of revenge for some of the more subtle and sneeky tricks which might have been played on them in the morning, and the thought of the revenge acted as a brake on us weedy types when planning our tricks.

Horrid little savages we were, but I don't think that was peculiar to Hull9.