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Posted By: Les from Hull
03-Feb-03 - 06:14 PM
Thread Name: Folklore: Skipping Rhymes & Playground Games
Subject: RE: Folklore: Skipping Rhymes & Playground Games
As far as I remember one kid throws a ball (an old tennis-ball) in the air and calls another kid's name. Everyone else runs away. When the kid who was named retrieves the ball and calls out 'eggity budge' and everyone else freezes. He can then throw the ball at another kid, usually being allowed to advance by moving as far as he can spit (three times?). The target kid cannot dodge the ball - 'bad egg if you budge' = eggity budge. But it's been a long time. Any of the Hull 'catters know if it's still played?

Of course we also 'larked' (played) marbles - two main games. One was played along the street going to and from school. The other was played on open ground, making an indentation in the ground (called a 'tell') with your heel. The first player to get a marble into the tell was allowd a free shot at another kid's marble. If he hit it he won it.

During the conker season conkers were called 'hongkongs'.