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Posted By: Kim C
04-Feb-03 - 12:29 PM
Thread Name: BS: Beware the Killer Haggis!
Subject: RE: BS: Beware the Killer Haggis!
I likes me some haggis.

Being in the USA I didn't have much choice of haggis. It was either 1)make my own (yeah, RIGHT!), or 2) buy a beef-based haggis in a can from the Caledonian Kitchen in Louisiana. I opted for #2.

It's good. It is not unlike a decent corned beef hash, with oats instead of potatoes. Everyone at the table tried some, and proclaimed it worthy. Some of us even had seconds.

I think just about every cultural group has a food at which others sneer. Whale blubber doesn't sound very appetizing to me, but there's people what eats it.

The highlight of our Burns supper, though, was my normally very quiet and reserved (or so I thought) friend Howard, reading Burns' Address to a Haggis in a pretty darn good Scottish accent. I didn't know he had it in him. Anyway his theatrics had us all in stitches by the time he was through. :-)