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Posted By: PattyG
16-Jul-97 - 03:32 PM
Thread Name: Depressing Christmas Songs
Subject: RE: Depressing Christmas
Well, I am so warped that I did have to chuckle a bit;) Frankly, I wouldn't call it "Suicide Christmas", rather, something less somber and shocking, perhaps, "A Pensive Christmas" or "Christmas Contemplations".....something else though!

The songs that come to mind are, of course, well known, such as "Blue Christmas" and there's one the Carpenters did that is sad (especially now that she's dead) can't remember. Unless you want all ballads, perhaps, "Grandma Got Runover By A Reindeer"? Oh, and there's a song called "A Christmas Wish" - I have the sheet music around here somewhere - seems that it is pretty pensive.

My thought here is that those who are naturally depressed at Christmastime will not buy the CD, and if someone is predisposed to depression at this time of the year, that's going to happen anyway. And that is, indeed, one of the worst times of the year for those who suffer from that horrible malady. The folks I know who live in a depressed state, and I know lots, do not purposely play that type of music, so I'm not sure that has to be an issue.

I'm now curious, however, about the two songs you mentioned. Can you direct me to the lyrics? PattyG