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Posted By: Neighmond
04-Feb-03 - 07:10 PM
Thread Name: Folklore: Skipping Rhymes & Playground Games
Subject: RE: Folklore: Skipping Rhymes & Playground Games
I doubt it- I was hatched in 1977-bt I DO know about the baby in the elevator:

Miss Sue *clap, clap*
Miss Sue *clap, clap*
Miss Sue from Alabama
Her real name is Susy-Anna
Playing her piana
Sittin' in the rocker eatin' Betty Crocker
Watchin' the clock go
Tick, tock, tick tock Hip-hop
Tick, tock, tick tock Hip hop
A b c d e f g
Wipe them spiders off of me
Daddy, he is crazy
Mama's havin' a baby
If it's a boy give him toys
If it's a girl give her pearls
If it's twins, wrap 'em up in paper
Throw them over the escalator (is this your elevator?)
First elevator says "STOP"
Second elevator says "STOP"
Third elevator says "Keep on going till your shoes got hot."

The rope swingers chanted the words and the jummper clapped while jumping. Sometimes they peppered it, as well. The girls used to double dutch to this all the time. Some of them it was all they knew!

Here is one my mother knew after I told her this weekend I was posting these:

Ten little babes jumping on the bed,*
One fell off and cracked his head!
Momma called the doctor
the doctor called the nurse
the nurse called the lady
with the alagator (!) purse!
The babies are cryin' and momma said
that's what you get for jumping on the bed!
Broke! said the doctor
Strained! said the nurse
A headache! said the lady with the alagator purse!

* Each verse after, the number counts down. After there are no little babies there is a new jumper. If you are jumping yourself you start over. If the jumper messed up they were out.