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Posted By: Vixen
21-Jun-99 - 12:38 PM
Thread Name: WWII Songs - Reprise
Subject: WWII Songs - Reprise

Awhile back I posted a request for WWII song suggestions. Well, about 50 of you responded with heaps of great suggestions! Here's what we finally ended up doing six tunes:

White Cliffs of Dover; Swingin' On A Star; Accentuate the Positive; Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree; Don't Get Around Much Anymore; the name of the sixth number escapes me right now...

There were about 30 more we'd have liked to learn. Part of the problem is the guitar chords for this kind of music are pretty complex. Also, the books we got had it all written in keys I couldn't sing, so we had some feindish transposing to do. Finally, I'm a real beginner at singing, and a lot of these pieces are a real challenge--big intervals, lots of accidentals, and jazzy off beat rhythms. It took me too long to learn each piece. I hope we get another one of these gigs, with more lead time, so we can prep more material--it was really fun!

The seniors LOVED IT!!! We did instrumentals all through lunch, and then did the WWII stuff for the last 20-30 minutes. They were singing along, and having a grand old time. The compliments we got!!! One of the biggest surprises was the ten or so who told us how nice it was to listen to unamplified music. There were about 50 people in the audience, and I think they all came up and said something nice to us at the end...

What a blast!!!

Many Thanks to all you Mudcats for your help!