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Posted By: John Wood
21-Jun-99 - 08:20 PM
Thread Name: Wanted - 'Catters with CDs
Subject: RE: Wanted - 'Catters with CDs
I've got a CD out.I produced it in autumn 1995,and it was released at the Oslo Irish Music Festival(last weekend in November)1995.
This is a sort of sampler.....where each of the artists/groups did a couple of songs each.
The basic ideas behind the album were:
No cables or synthetic sounds!Every instrument must be played acousticly into a mic.(even the bass was an acoustic guitar bass played directly into a mic.)
When mixing,the sound engineer wasn't allowed to alter any tones(only add clang/rev. and adjust balance between instuments)
I was also of the opinion that people who bought this album should feel that they'd got good value for their money......hence we ``filled up´´the CD with 23 songs/tunes.......Mainly Irish.
I think Mike Robertson has put some samples on the webb side for ``The Oslo Irish Music Festival´´,so why not take a look!!
Greetings John.