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Posted By: allanwill
08-Feb-03 - 11:52 AM
Thread Name: BS: I bet JC had a sense of humour
Subject: RE: BS: I bet JC had a sense of humour
A carpenter gets called to a nunnery for some urgent repair work.

He's busily hammering away when the inevitable happens; he misses the nail and hits his thumb.

"Ah, fuckin' missed the bastard", he screams, just as the Mother Superior is walking past.

"Oh my goodness, young man. Don't you know it's blasphemy to swear in a house of God. If you do that again God will strike you down"

"Sorry, mum" he says. "It won't happen again".

Unfortunately, it does. Another nail missed and "Ah, fuckin' missed the bastard" just as the MS walks past.

"I've warned you already, young man. If it happens again, I can assure you God will strike you down".

Profuse apologies from the carpenter can't stop fate from taking a hand and after another missed nail and another "Ah, fuckin' missed the bastard", pandemonium breaks loose.

Thunder rolls across the sky and a massive bolt of lightning tears through the roof of the building and lands right next to the very frightened carpenter. And a voice booms out: