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Posted By: katlaughing
08-Feb-03 - 06:01 PM
Thread Name: Folklore: Where is Dixie
Subject: RE: BS: Where is Dixie
Bill, PM me your mailing addy and I'll get a copy made in the next month and send it over; it's over 200 pages, typewritten on regular 8 X 11 paper, just loose. He doesn't go into great detail about any one person except those who were fairly prominent, not even mentioning his own family, BUT he has some great info in there about the early rough and tough days and how lawless it was, etc. I think you'd probably enjoy it just as a glimpse of what your ancestor would have encountered.

FWIW, I think these days we need to be a bit kindler and gentler with those other musicians.**BG** Hell, I didn't remember it was a fiddler he shot!