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Posted By: Bobert
08-Feb-03 - 10:13 PM
Thread Name: BS: I bet JC had a sense of humour
Subject: RE: BS: I bet JC had a sense of humour
Okay, Amos and Rapaire, Jesus and Moses are playing golf, right? Well, Jesus's tee shot lands a few feet before a lake with the green just on the other side.

"What do you think, Mo," asked Jesus, "a seven iron?"

"Nah, J.C, think ya' better use the 6 iorn", said Moses.

Well, Jesus shugged of Moses's advice and used the 7 iron only to have the ball clear all but a few inches of the late. Splash.

Jesus was o mad that he just grabbed his picthing wedge and walked right over the lake toward where the ball had landed.

Two other golfer saw all this and one yelled over at Moses, "Who the Hell does that guy think he is? Jesus Christ?"

To which Moses yelled back, " No, he *is* Jesus Christ. But he *thinks* he's Tiger Woods!"