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Posted By: Banjer
09-Feb-03 - 05:15 AM
Thread Name: Folklore: Where is Dixie
Subject: RE: BS: Where is Dixie
Tell ya' this Bill, the real thing to remember as you head south and cross the Mason-Dixon Line is the time factor. You have to set your watch back about 30 years................

Spoken like a true jealous Yankee!!!***BG***

....don't make life hard on the rest of us damnyankees who are having a great time...

A Yankee is one who comes to visit and then goes home, a damnyankee is one who comes to visit and stays, and in many cases, like Frank bitches about how, better, cheaper, faster, cleaner, or _______(insert other description) the North was, and then wonders why he gets told at least once a week how he ought to go back where he came from!

The Saint Andrews Cross or the Battleflag of the Conferacy....(from Frankham's post)

Another piece of Yankee misinformation. A common mistake with the damyankees!

The Confederate Naval Ensign is traditionaly a 3x5 flag, the Battle Flag is square, it's size determined by the branch using it. Artillery, Cavalry and Infantry all used different dimensioned flags. The true Battle Flag also has a white border. The point here being that while St Andrews Cross is the basis for both flags there is a vast difference in their significance. It's folks like Frank that make me want to hoist my 3X3 Battle Flag up my flagpost!