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Posted By: Dave the Gnome
09-Feb-03 - 06:02 PM
Thread Name: If you like Nic Jones you'll like Damien Barber
Subject: RE: If you like Nic Jones you'll like.....
Not worth wasting an ounce of my brain power on you Ian, if that is indeed your name. If you would like a devastating retort try heating one over a bunsen burner until it explodes. Perhaps the shards of glass may improve your looks and attitude:-)

If you do not know who Kate Rusby is perhaps you had better go and stick your head back up the arse of the incontinent bear that has been filling your brains with shit for the last few years. Anyone who believes that only a handful of performers are good is not even worth thinking about.

What is more your mention of both Davies and Ball shows an unhealthy knowledge of Jazz. As we all know Jazz is unrelated to any form of good music. With its pretence to be artistic it is indeed the musical equivalent of wanking. Only giving pleasure to the perpetrator.

So, there we have it, a man stuck in the past, preoccupied with what he believes is an elitist group of artists and a lover of the individual pleasures! It's no wonder that such blinkered, philistine, pig-ignorance comes from the keyboard of this non-creative garbage.

I have spoken. I shall not deign to converse with one so lowly again...


Dave the Gnome
(With thanks to the Monty Python team for one of the above insults and to the writer of The Commitments for another. The rest I believe are my own work:-) )