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Posted By: bill\sables
10-Feb-03 - 11:12 AM
Thread Name: Folklore: Where is Dixie
Subject: RE: Folklore: Where is Dixie
Well I didn't want to start a second American civil war between Catspaw and Frankham. You are both very proud of where you live which I can understand. I am a "Geordie" from the Newcastle area of England and we have a saying up there "There are two kinds of people in the world, Geordies and those who would like to be"
As you know I have travelled around the US (I think there are about 6 states I have not been to)I found, however, that Savanah was what I would call the most Southern town I visited in relation to song lyrics
there ware Magnolia trees and Spanish beard and the accent seemed to come right out of "Gone with the Wind". I also enjoyed very much my visit to New Orleans but that was probably due to our guide Mudcatter Kelly (Allan C's Daughter)She took us through Bourburn Street in the middle of the night, an experience I will always remember but not for anyone with a nervous disposition. The other main memory of the South was the many road kill Armidillo's lying on their backs with a beer bottle between their paws.
Anyway you seemed to have answered my origional question as to "Where was Dixie"
Thanks again