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Posted By: Schantieman
10-Feb-03 - 02:07 PM
Thread Name: Folklore: Origins: 'I'll get my coat'
Subject: Origins: 'I'll get my coat'
In a MudChat discussion earlier this evening I was careless enough to use this expression. CapriUni asked where it came from.   A Google search has thrown up this:


Darrin asked about the origins of the catchphrase "I'll get me coat".

Richard "Mad Stoat" Powell expounded: It's a corruption of the olde Englishe phrase "Alget, me goat." which in turn is a corruption of the Aramaic "Alga mee goo." A literal translation of which is "One shall fetch one's over garment."

The origin of the Aramaic phrase is lost in the mists of time, but is believed to derive from the nomadic cattle herders of the Middle and Near East, who were well known for forgetting to take an overcoat when they went into town. Invariably they would walk into a bar and regale the regulars with wild tales of cattle herding and then offer to buy everyone a drink. They would then realise they'd left their money in their overcoat, and under the unamused glare of everyone, would mutter, "Alga mee goo." This is also to believed to be the cause of their nomadicity as they never returned to buy the bar a round of drinks. DNA fingerprinting has traced the current day descendants of the cattle herders to the Northern British Isles.

...which may not be utterly authentic.    Any ideas out there?