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10-Feb-03 - 05:32 PM
Thread Name: Stevie Ray Vaughan
Subject: RE: Stevie Ray Vaughan
Yeah...there were lots of good guitarists. Prog Blues Exp was a phenomenal album, but then so is Texas Flood. As far as the best all around blues group / album...I've always been partial to the first album by The Paul Butterfield Blues Band. Mike Bloomfield, Butterfield. If you like harmonica, Butterfield got most of his sound from Little Walter, who helped define Muddy Waters' sound. The 'Fathers and Sons' and studio recordings...are good. Muddy Waters and the Butterfield Blues Band. Man o man. Good stuff.

Or no...Taj Mahal's first album. That may be the best electric blues album I've ever heard. His very first album, just called 'Taj Mahal'. A trio of guitar, bass and drums, with Mahal as the frontman singer-harp player. 'Leaving Trunk', 'Dust my Broom'. Yeah, I've worn out more copies of that than any.

When I was a child, and tall for my age, I got into a local club where Mahal was touring to promote his first album. Small club, and he was still a nobody but he had this astounding album out, so you knew he'd be a star. And he knew it too. My friends and I stayed for both shows, and between the two Mahall came out front after the crowd from the first show stretch his legs I guess. Anyway, we approached him, and you could tell he thought he was about to be adulated...straightened himself up to his full seven feet or ready to give his autograph...then I asked him if he had a quarter for the cigarette machine. He told us to get lost. We stayed for the second show anyway. Jesse Edwin Davis was his guitarist...dead now, I heard, but an excellent guitarist. Great album, too.