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Posted By: Red and White Rabbit
11-Feb-03 - 02:42 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: My Friend upon the Road (Richard Digance)
Subject: Lyr Add: MY FRIEND UPON THE ROAD (Richard Digance)
Words as promised

Richard Digance

I have a friend to share my dreaming,
A guitar to play my songs to,
And a fishing friend to sit where rivers flowed.
There were others gave me money
When days weren't quite this sunny,
And there's you, my friend, upon the road.
For a lonely mile is longer to me
Than the shore to which you're rowed.
Many men have written songs
For friends before, but this belongs
To you, my friend upon the road.

The stars on the trapeze
Twinkle high on midnight seas.
There are sights not many see for long.
Nature offers us her ballet,
Not just shadows in the alley.
She provides the dancers. we provide the songs.
And she keeps us high when others fall low.
Mother Nature takes my load.
For your good-to-know-you attitude,
I save you both my gratitude,
Good lady and my friend upon the road.

When we're old and reminiscing
There'll be one friend I was kissing
And another who made journey's end on time.
When we think back on the winnings,
And the losing and the singing,
It was all of us who helped my words to rhyme.
I may be the weaver and the singer of the songs,
Helped by two, few people see.
So I think my song's a maybe
From the street that is my lady
And my special friend upon the road and me.