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Posted By: Malcolm Douglas
13-Feb-03 - 09:31 PM
Thread Name: J. Moulden or Philippa: Two sisters
Subject: Tune Add: TWO SISTERS (from Sharp/Karpeles)
People have asked for the "Clannad version" here quite a lot over the years, presumably because it's the only one they've heard; and have usually just assumed that it must be Irish. As we know (see the many other discussions on the subject), Clannad picked up an American version; although forms have occasionally been found in Ireland, it's far more common in Scotland and England, and the numerous examples found in tradition in the USA are mainly descended from English forms. Although it's impossible to be certain, the song seems to have found its way to Britain from Scandinavia, where it's widespread, with often almost identical narrative content.

Here is the tune for the set Becky has posted:

T:Two Sisters
S:Mrs Clercy Deeton, Mine Fork, Burnsville, N.C. Sept 1918
B:Sharp & Karpeles, English Folk-Songs from the Southern Appalachians, vol.I p.30 (5E)
N:Child 10, Roud 8
F2 F G A2 G2|A2 c2 c4|c2 d2 F4|G2 F2 D4|
w:Two lit-tle sis-ters side and side, Sing I dum, sing I day.
C2 F G A2 G2|A2 c2 d3 c|f2 f2 (dc) A2|d6 z2|d2ddf2dc|
w:Two lit-tle sis-ters side and side, The boys are bound_ for me. Two lit-tle sis-ters
c2 d2 F6 G2|
w:side and side, The
A2 G2 F2 C2|F2 G2 D4|C2 D2 F2 F2|
w:old-set one for John-ny cried. I'll be kind to
F2 f2 d6 d2|
w:my true love If
c3 F A2 G2|F6 z2|]
w:he'll be kind to me.

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