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Posted By: curmudgeon
14-Feb-03 - 10:54 AM
Thread Name: Joe Hill's Ashes
Subject: RE: Joe Hill's Ashes
In "Rebel Voices" by Joyce Kornbluh, there is an undated letter from FW George Carey explaining how he disposed of an envelope of Joe Hill's ashes. He had rescued this packet from the ruins of the Toledo (OH) IWW Hall that had been vandalized after a "Palmer Raid" in 1919.

In June of 1950, while living in Peekskill, NY, shortly after the Robeson Riots, Carey went out to his garden and carried out Joe's last request.

"The grass was green, there was a yard covered with flowers and trees. Birds were singing all over the place. No place could be more fitting. i arose and walked out into the garden and with no more ceremony than a murmered 'Good Bye, Joe,' I carefully scattered the contents of the little envelope over the soil."