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Posted By: sharyn
15-Feb-03 - 02:51 PM
Thread Name: If you like Nic Jones you'll like Damien Barber
Subject: RE: If you like Nic Jones you'll like.....
Les, "The Blues" is a traditional American folk form (also found in West Africa and other places) and Chris Smither is a master interpreter of this form. I initially drew the comparison because I think Chris Smither has made blues accessible through his performances in the same way that Nic Jones made some English traditional music accessible: they are both talented singers and guitarists, easy to listen to.

Guest, no need to name names: get thee down to thy local open mic populated by singer-songwriters or go listen to something like an event hosted by The Northern California Songwriters Association. You will hear many godawful tuneless things that don't scan and should have been left in the shower along with yesterday's grime. People who write songs owe it to themselves and the public to listen to them carefully and critically before they inflict them on listeners -- some things may be cathartic or hypnotic for the writer but that doesn't mean we need to hear them. I tend to respect writers who have steeped themselves in tradition and who write well. There are many.

Stewie, I don't have all of Chris Smither's albums, but every one I have has at least one classic blues: "Statesboro Blues," "No More Cane on the Brazos," "Duncan and Brady" (much better live), "Dust My Broom," "Big Boss Man," etc. His live shows are laced with blues and covers and he can make anything sound good. He also plays a blue guitar. He is too smart to play just Chris Smither songs.