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Posted By: Stewie
15-Feb-03 - 07:23 PM
Thread Name: If you like Nic Jones you'll like Damien Barber
Subject: RE: If you like Nic Jones you'll like.....
Sharyn, 3 points in relation to your response. I have all his albums except the early one that was never released - 'Honeysuckle Dog' - and 6 blues covers in 9 albums tells its own story. 'Ain't no more cane' and 'Duncan and Brady' would not be embraced by any definition of 'blues' that I am aware of - worksong and ballad respectively is how I would categorise them. I made no suggestion that Smither sang only his own songs.

Ian, although I certainly don't 'stand in awe' or 'bow down to his brilliance' or say that he strides anything 'like a God' - at first, I thought you were joking, but the last bit looked a tad serious - Smither is every bit as skilful and moving as Jones, and so too are dozens of other performers. Wipe the other mist from your eyes and come back to the real world where, as someone sang - Gaughan, was it? - there are no gods and precious few heroes.