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Posted By: Barry Finn
23-Jun-99 - 10:43 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Golden Vanity Variants
Subject: RE: Golden Vanity
There's also another recording Folk Songs of the United States, Library of Congress, "Anglo -American Ballads" LP#7. By the time this song reached the mountains the original galley (a sailing vessel with auxiliary sweep oars) had gone from Galilee to the British Roverie. Sir Walter Raleigh (1552-1618), buccaneer & pirate along with his half brother, Sir Humphrey Gilbert, & his son were not as lucky or good at their trade as they were famous for some of their exploits. After 13 years in the Tower of London under sentence of death, for political intrigue, he was released & headed out to command another domed expedition, his son was killed & upon return his original sentence of death was invoked & he was hung. The earlier of the ballads (c.1635) was called "Sir Walter Raleigh Sailing In The Lowlands (Shewing how the famous Ship called the Sweet Trinity was taken by a false Gally & how it was again restored by the craft of a little Sea-boy, who sunk the Gally)". There is no tune given & S.Frank in his 'Book Of Pirate Songs' says that it is doubtful that it was ever much in circulation in it's original form in popular tradition. If you want these words let me knoe & I'll post them. Barry