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Posted By: GUEST,IanofOrpington
17-Feb-03 - 04:21 PM
Thread Name: If you like Nic Jones you'll like Damien Barber
Subject: RE: If you like Nic Jones you'll like.....
Sharyn. Like you, I love Dick Gaughan's interpretations of traditional or other people's songs, but I have real difficulty with his song writing. It is not a talent he has. He also likes to thrust his political views down your throat with the subtlety of a heavy metal balladeer. This is the reason I have not bought any of his recordings for the last 20 odd years. His earlier recordings that were available on Topic, and which I still have on vinyl, are superb. Like Nic, he has a wonderful combination of singing and guitar playing.

As far as I know, Nic has only written three songs. Two appear on 'In Search of Nic Jones' and they are called Ruins By The Shore and Green to Grey. These are both ecological songs, so if you are a greenie then you should approve of the sentiments. They are not the greatest songs on Earth but they are okay. Nic doesnt disgrace himself. However, like Dick Gaughan, perhaps he is a better intepretor than songwriter. The third song appears on 'Unearthed' and is called Rapunzel. It is a love song based on the nursery song. Again, so-so. Three non-essential songs from two essential CDs.