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Posted By: Barbara
24-Jun-99 - 02:09 AM
Thread Name: Trad. American Drinking Songs?
Subject: RE: Trad. American Drinking Songs?
And then there's the young man who left his country home and came to the city to seek employment... I knew this one as "THE FATAL GLASS OF BEER", and as I recall it's called something different in DT.
Are satirical anti-drinking songs drinking songs? Like Away with Rum by Gum? I've always thought from the language and the stories that these two and the Inebriate and the Pig were songs from Prohibition or just before.
And Rita, like what you said about a song's age, I tend to think of a song as American if it was in my parents old songbook with things like Jimmy Crack Corn, The Man on The Flying Trapeze, Old Black Joe and Tenting Tonight, but it's an unwarranted assumption.