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Posted By: Peg
19-Feb-03 - 12:02 PM
Thread Name: music from the film 'the wicker man'?
Subject: RE: music from the film 'the wicker man'?
The soundtrack has recently been released on CD; it is from the original masters and some tracks are slightly different from what you hear on the film soundtrack; that said it is infinitely better than the "taped from soundtrack" version that was available for years!

You can order it from

I respectfully disagree with curmudgeon's comments; composer Paul Giovanni did indeed craft original tunes to go along with the traditional lyrics, for example the poem from Burns for "Corn Rigs." This was intentional, as the film depicts a community in the 1970s with links to ancient rites and folklore. But there is also some wonderful traditional music in it, including "Summer is a Cumen In" and a lovely version of "Willie o' the Winsbury." I find the original music composed for this film to be very haunting and unforgettable and beautifully-arranged and performed...

The DVD that came out recently is the most "uncut" version now available. But that doesn't mean it's intact. The version released in theatres in 1974 was cut from 102 minutes down to 89 because distributors thought it too long!

There is now a sequel in the works (with Christopher Lee and Ewan MacGregor) directed by Robin Hardy, based on a script idea partially penned by Anthony Schaffer before he died; there is also a "remake" being written and directed by Neil LaBute and starring Nicolas cage, set in the USA. Both should be out later this year.

Rick there is a great deal of information available online about this film so you should look into it. It was no "quicky" and while there was a limited budget many critics consider this the "Citizen Kane of horror films" for its innovative design and story. It has attained cult status now because when it was released it was essentially buried, put on a double bill with Nic Roeg's film Don't Look Now, and then promptly forgotten. It was unavailable for many years.

Allan Brown wrote a book that came out two years ago called Inside the Wicker Man. Very much worth reading if you're interested in this film.

Curmudgeon, which book do you mean? Ritual by David Pinner? The last I knew this book was only a very bare-bones basis for the story...if you mean the novel The Wicker Man, this was written after the film was made..

This summer will be the second Wicker Man Music Festival in Scotland (last year's was mostly new music but I hear this year they want the spirit of the fest more in keeping with the film's soundtrack and era); and nearby at the University of Glasgow will be the first ever academic conference devoted to the film. I have been asked to present a paper and I hope to attend but unfortunately it falls smack dab in the middle of my summer retreat plans...