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Posted By: Coyote Breath
19-Feb-03 - 12:05 PM
Thread Name: music from the film 'the wicker man'?
Subject: RE: music from the film 'the wicker man'?
Ahhh Curmudgeon! I agree completely about the music. "Wicker Man" and "Dead Man" were both films that were made less attractive by their sound tracks. I wonder if it is just beyond commercial film makers' abilities to grasp history properly or do they think of having a sound track well before they have a film and just don't care.

I liked BOTH films (for various reasons) and felt let down by the music.

"The Longriders", "The Ballad of Little Jo", "Matewan", and "Ride with the Devil" all have appropriate music if not "period correct". (My only criticism of Longriders would be the "ballet of breaking glass" at the end, it takes place in slo-mo and the sound track is slowed down as well. It sounds almost as bad as the track for "Dead Man")

sorry for the thread creep!