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Posted By: JohnInKansas
19-Feb-03 - 03:33 PM
Thread Name: Tech: inexpensive tuner
Subject: RE: Tech: inexpensive tuner
I've seen quite a few Korg CA-10, CA-15, and CA-20 tuners in local shops recently, so any of these are probably available. The current model, according to the Korg site, is apparently the CA-30, which has similar features to any of the above.

It's difficult to tell what "list price" is, but a few sites now offer the CA-30 at about $18 (US), although you may have to add a little for shipping. You should be able to pick up one or the other of these at a local shop for "very reasonable."

There are a number of comparable tuners by other makers, and generally anything you find at a reputable dealer should be ok - but definitely know the CA-20/CA-30 specs when you compare, and get something comparable.

Strongly recommend a clip-on contact mike, even if you only intend to use your tuner sitting alone in your kitchen.

My personal tuner is a Korg DT-1, which was $125 (US) "on sale" at a festival a few years ago. Same size as the CA-20/CA-30 but does everything the "big-uns" do. As is usually the case with the good stuff I find, they discontinued this model within milliseconds of my purchase. It's currently not even listed in the "archives" at Korg.

The current "top of the line" in portables is probably the Korg OT-12 - and I'll have to have one someday (just before it's discontinued, probably), but it's not something that you want to invest in until you've worn out the novice stage with something more affordable. (And it's not nearly as portable.) List appears to be about $99 (US), with a few sites offering it at $75 (plus shipping), with a clip-on contact mike (recommended) for an additional $10 or so.