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Posted By: Joe Offer
19-Feb-03 - 05:12 PM
Thread Name: DTStudy Donnybrook Fair / Widdecombe Fair
Subject: ADD: Stow Fair
IanC posted this in another thread, and I think it appears to belong with "Donnybrook Fair." Same with Widdecombe Fair, right? It gets a little confusing. The Traditional Ballad Index divides "Widdicombe Fair" into two entries - one that names all the people so-and-so met at the fair, and the other "Tom Pearce" version with the dead horse. Ian's "Stow Fair" has both elements.
-Joe Offer-
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Posted By: IanC
14-Oct-01 - 05:22 AM
Thread Name: Supernatural Ballads....??
Subject: Lyr Add: STOW FAIR (sung by Bob Arnold)

Here's one for you, Jean. Not so ghostly, but it's got an Uncle Tom Goblin

Bob learned this Cotswolds variant of "Widdecombe Fair" from his friend Harry Albino, also a well-known

Oxfordshire folk singer. It is recorded on "Mornin' All", Bob Arnold, ARGO ZFB83 (Decca Record

Corporation, 1972). Bob was better known, before his death, for playing the gamekeeper Tom

Forrest in the radio programme "The Archers". The tune is somewhat different from the Widdecombe fair

tune, though there is something in common. Stow Fair was originally a hiring fair and still survives as a horse fair. Widdecombe Fair was revived in the 1970s by (among others) Bob Cann.


Tom Pearce (Widdicombe Fair I)

DESCRIPTION: The singer asks Tom Pearce to lend his old mare to go to the fair. Tom wants the horse back soon, but it is slow in returning, for it has taken sick and died. (Now the horse's ghost can be seen haunting the moors at night)
AUTHOR: unknown
KEYWORDS: horse ghost travel
FOUND IN: Britain(England) Canada(Ont)
REFERENCES (4 citations):
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Stow Fair
File: K308

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