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Posted By: BuckMulligan
19-Feb-03 - 06:16 PM
Thread Name: music from the film 'the wicker man'?
Subject: RE: music from the film 'the wicker man'?
Neal Howie (the Woodward cop) was plainly a priggish, cricket-bat-up-the-bum "modern man" (modern in the sense of industrial revolution, science, christianity, blahblah) who gets sucked into his own destruction by his own conviction that he knew the right, and could do the right, and his inability to see past the end of his cop hat. I liked that. Still do. Wonderful movie. Before getting his wings in American TV, of course, Woodward went on to make another really fine movie in "Breaker Morant" - or was that before "WM"? I'm not really sure; I saw Breaker first, so maybe I've got the sequence reversed. Either way, these two movies dwarfed everything else he did, especially "The Equalizer" which - I thought - more or less sucked.