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Posted By: Bob Bolton
19-Feb-03 - 10:20 PM
Thread Name: Tech: inexpensive tuner
Subject: RE: Tech: inexpensive tuner
G'day JohnInKansas,

I had a look at two CA-30s in 'Venue Music', Sydney (Australia). There was a (silver-coloured) "Guitar Only" model for Aust$50 and a (black) full range (same as my CA-20) for Aust$55. These translate to a lot dearer than your US$18 (~ Aust$30.50) but that is the going rate in music shops. Why they would bother to make a model that only tuned 7 notes ... instead of the 12 that are, undoubtedly, on the chip ... I can't comprehend!

I think the OT-12 might be the flash-looking model, with the very large face, at the back of the case ... for Aust$198 ... ?


Bob Bolton