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Posted By: Bob Bolton
20-Feb-03 - 08:36 PM
Thread Name: Tech: inexpensive tuner
Subject: RE: Tech: inexpensive tuner
G'day JohnInKansas,

The Melmusic price must be Melbourne ... $55 over the counter in Sydney!

The adjustment range is much higher: 30 Hz either side instead of the 10 Hz adjustment of the CA 20. If I want to get involved with archaic pitches, -10 to +10 is nowhere near enough. That range alone settles me on buying one - but I'll try the guitar strip along Parramatta Road to see if I can find a brighter coloured one!

I do suspect that they do "fully chromatic" in grey/black ... and "Guitar Only" in silver.

BTW: Jim Colbert - I may well have missed the little cross bar of a 'G' and read both as being CA 30. The Guitar model might well be GA 30.

John in Brisbane: None of us have anything at home that could check the claimed accuracies of these instruments (+/- 1 cent claimed above for the CA 30). I'll have a word to someone who does work with tone generators ... and does tune using these meters as well: Richard Evans, concertina maker/repairer these days ... and formerly a metrologist working for Sydney University. If there are any shortcomings, he would be the one to know about it!


Bob Bolton