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Posted By: Bee-dubya-ell
21-Feb-03 - 02:07 AM
Thread Name: Finger/Thumb Picks
Subject: RE: Tech: Finger/Thumb Picks
I use medium gauge Fred Kelly Speed-Picks and 018 gauge Dunlop metal fingerpicks for banjo, guitar and Dobro. I use Speed-Picks and plastic fingerpicks for autoharp. (The harp likes to snatch metal fingerpicks off.) I've found that the metal fingerpicks can be adjusted, bent and manipulated to fit one's fingers very easily. I have tried out different gauges and settled on the 018 as the best compromise between comfort and volume. Heavier gauges are harder to bend into a comfortable shape and lighter ones lack volume. I would love to not use any picks and play with just fingernails, but picking-length fingernails and throwing pottery for a living seem to be mutually exclusive.