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Posted By: sharon
24-Jun-99 - 09:17 PM
Thread Name: Sherry Aims, Folk Nurse
Subject: RE: Sherry Aims, Folk Nurse
"Bill Bellows!" gasped Sherry! "I've heard of you.....the worst accordianist this side of the Mississippi!" "Nothing to fear, my dear," explained Bill. " The bellows I shall free are actually a set of parlor pipes..... I am also a piper, you know." This caused Sherry, an avowed bagpipe hater, to suddenly gulp....swallowing her tooth whitening gum. She choked desperately. Bill asked, "Can you talk?"........Sherry continued to choke. Bill asked, "Can you speak?" ,,.........She was gasping frantically. Bill asked, "Can you breathe?".........Her face was bright red, her eyes were bulging. He had to do something. Bill turned her over his knees, lifted her skirt and licked her once on the butt. Immediately she coughed forcefully, and out popped the gum. Wow!" he said. "I sure am glad I remembered that hindy-lick maneuver!."