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Posted By: Barbara
21-Feb-03 - 03:56 PM
Thread Name: Folk-Legacy Custom CD's
Subject: RE: Folk-Legacy Custom CD's
I think so, Sandy, but I dunno how Gordon would feel about it. I spect he'd at least want a different cover, tho I think it's charming myself. Scowl on his face, pipe in his hand, gazing earnestly off to sea, looking all of 17. How does he feel about that omnipresent bass in the soundtrack? Was that his idea or Paul's?
I know a number of people would love to have it. I was thinking about auctioning off a tape of it in the Mudcat Auction. That might give a show of hands for who's still interested. I think over the years he's re-recorded most of the songs. Not sure about "Rhum", and didn't he just recently put "Herring Croon" on something? Is "Acalanto" on anything besides the February tapes?
Saw Valentine at Harmony, and she suggested I add you to my Christmas card list. Perhaps I'll get you one off by Saint Paddy's day.
Barbara, charter member of Procrastinators Anonymous, no meetings yet, but maybe next week?